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The Relational Leadership WAY© is a framework created from a doctoral research study offering a 'way of being' approach beyond what have become predictable techniques for people development.

The aim is to lessen the negative impact - where this exists – attached to the practice of feedback without diminishing the purpose of this essential activity.

Supporting, encouraging and fulfilling people's wish for self-improvement is an employment right as well as an essential for organisational development.

The framework is the focus of the publication 'Relational Feedback: Why Feedback Fails and How to Make it Meaningful' and features in webinars and training for managers, leaders, coaches, mentors, and supervisors to encourage easeful QUALITY CONVERSATIONS.

The original research was UK based and has been indirectly exposed to audiences attending international webinars and in training for culturally rich global organisations. This session gives an overview of the framework and for the first time directly tests its efficacy in a culturally diverse scenario.

You're invited to offer your observations and suggestions for enriching the application of The Relational Leadership WAY© in a range of cultural settings.


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